President Obama has said reform of our unequal justice system requires specific and local action.

The Work Your Gift Supports

NuLeaf Project’s mission is to build intergenerational wealth via the legal cannabis industry for the communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis criminalization – Black, Indigenous, and Latina/o/x communities. NLP’s programs increase success outcomes for people of color in the cannabis industry either as business owners or professionals.

NuLeaf Project’s work is specifically designed to address three most common equity hurdles for all marginalized groups when starting a business or a professional career: capital, education/exposure, and connection. NuLeaf Project’s work includes:

— Funding for cannabis businesses
— Skill-building and mentoring for entrepreneurs and professionals
— National and state equity policy development and advocacy.

Oregon Equity & Policy

The state of Oregon has no cannabis equity program, and the majority of cannabis taxes have gone to funding policing in the state, as well as cities and counties. No funds are invested into repairing Black and brown communities most harmed by cannabis criminalization.

Oregon needs a state-wide cannabis equity program that redistributes cannabis tax funds from police to programs that create opportunity for Black and brown families and funds automatic expungement of cannabis crimes for all 28,000 Oregonians with an eligible cannabis record.

Donate to our work to invest cannabis taxes and profits to funding economic opportunity and education in Black and brown communities.

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